Sennheiser Celebrates 75th Anniversary with Audiophile Bundle

To commemorate 75 years in business, Germany’s Sennheiser has announced an anniversary bundle offering its reference-quality HD 820 headphones and HDV 820 headphone amplifier at a $25% discount.

Through the end of June, the bundle will be available for $3,600 — $1,200 off the regular $4,800 price.

In a press release announcing the deal, the company said the HD 820 closed-back headphones “epitomize the spirit of innovation that has defined Sennheiser’s 75-year history.” The core of the headphones, which normally sell for $2,400, are “ring radiator” transducers fitted with unique concave glass covers that reflect sound from the back of the drivers to minimize resonance. Plush earpads and silver coated cables with gold-plated plugs round out the package.

Described as a perfect complement to the HD 820s, the HDV 820 amplifier, which normally sells for $2,400, features a high-quality ESS SABRE32 32-bit/384-kHz digital-to-analog converter and is equipped with both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs with adjustable gain.

“This limited time promotion is a very special thank you to our audiophile customers around the world”, explains Stephane Hareau, global head of consumer products. “The package offers an unparalleled listening experience for audiophiles who are sharing our passion for great audio.”

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That's a beautiful set!