"As Seen On TV" Worth $5 Million to LA Group

What's a tag line worth? Try five million bucks. That's the price LA Group, Inc., paid in mid-January for "As Seen On TV," one of the oldest phrases in the marketing lexicon. The domain name www.AsSeenOnTV.com will be used for a portal site for customers looking for products they have seen—that's right—on TV.

The line has huge value, according to the LA Group's chairman, Daniel Fasano, because it has been so commonly used for more than 50 years. "AsSeenOnTV.com is the premier domain name for the television direct-to-retail and Infomercial industry," he said. "When you consider the enormous cost in developing brand awareness of an Internet portal, we're confident that this domain name will pay for itself many times over."

LA Group is currently building a website to exploit the name. Fasano explained his business plan this way: "We intend to utilize www.AsSeenOnTV.com as a portal, or jumping-off point, for consumers trying to find products that they had previously seen only on TV. The site that is being developed to utilize the new name will enable consumers to search for products by various means, including product types, company, specific items, and spokesperson. In addition, plans call for the development of unique pricing opportunities for the consumers."

Plans include video and audio streaming of Infomercial clips, and a user-friendly method for international shoppers to purchase "As Seen On TV" products advertised in the US. LA Group expects strong activity at the site, Fasano stated. The price paid for the domain name is one of the highest on record, according to Business Wire.