Samsung Unveils New Flagship Soundbar

Samsung has stepped up its soundbar game with a new flagship model that uses patented distortion-cancelling technology to “provide a sweet spot no matter where you sit.”

An update of the MS650, the five-channel MS750 Sound+ Soundbar ($700) boasts 11 drivers, each with its own dedicated amplifier. The soundbar has three wide-range tweeters and six woofers like the existing model but adds two up-firing tweeters. Because the tweeters cover frequencies from 600 Hz and up, they are said to contribute to a wider sound dispersion.

The MS750 can be mounted directly to Samsung TVs for an integrated look with one cord providing power for both the soundbar and TV; it can also be controlled by the Samsung One TV remote.

Highlights include 4K passthrough, UHD upscaling, which uses 32-bit audio technology to “preserve the recording’s original sound,” and a Smart Sound Mode that identifies content type (movie, voice, music, or sports) and optimizes it accordingly.

Samsung also introduced the W700 wireless subwoofer ($500), which is rated down to 27 Hz and compatible with the Samsung MS750 as well as the existing MS650 and MS6500 soundbars.

The soundbar supports audio streaming from a smartphone via Samsung’s Multiroom App.

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