Samsung Opens Pre-Orders for 2022 TVs

Update (March 23, 2022): It turns out the S95B OLED TV model, one of the many models covered in the recent Samsung news release announcing pre-order status for its 2022 TVs, will actually be the first QD OLED TV to hit the U.S. market if Samsung hits its target April delivery dates. Read more about the advantages and promise of QD OLED display technology in Trends of CES 2022. A Samsung spokesperson offered this explanation: “Since the term OLED is already widely accepted and understood, Samsung decided to go with the nomenclature ‘Samsung OLED TV’ to avoid confusion among consumers.” Industry insider Robert (Bob) O’Brien, co-founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), offers his take on this unusual situation in an interview that posts tomorrow (March 24).

Samsung has announced that many of the 2022 TV models it unveiled in January at CES 2022 are now available for purchase or pre-order, depending on the series/model. Here’s a breakdown of specific models with shipping dates where available.

Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs
The flagship Neo QLED series of series of 8K and 4K TVs featuring Samsung’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven Neural Quantum 8K processor, mini-LED backlighting technology, and a new adaptive light control designed to increase shadow detail and dynamic range are available for pre-order.

QN900B 8K models in 65-, 75-, and 85-inch screen sizes are available for pre-order starting today. The 65-inch model is $6,500; pricing was not available for the other models.

QN800B 8K models are now available for pre-order.
• 65-inch, $3,500 (ships April 1)
• 75inch, $4,700 (ships April 8)
• 85-inch, $6,500 (ships April 1)

QN85B 4K models are now available for purchase.
• 55-inch, $1,500
• 65-inch, $2,000
• 75-inch, $2,800
• 85-inch, $4,000

QN90B 4K models are now available for purchase.
• 50-inch, $1,600
• 55-inch, $1,900
• 65-inch, $2,600
• 75-inch, $3,500
• 85-inch, $5,000

Samsung says QN95B models will be available for pre-order on May 23rd but did not provide screen sizes or pricing.

Samsung’s 2022 S95B QD OLED TVs are available for pre-order now in 55-inch ($2,200) and 65-inch ($3,000) screen sizes, both of which have a ship date of April 15. (Editor’s note: This section has been updated to reflect that the S95B models are based on Samsung’s new QD QLED technology and not conventional OLED technology.)

The Frame Series TVs
The wall-mount Frame lifestyle series of TVs is available for pre-order now. The TVs display art images in a TV that resembles a picture frame and features a new anti-reflective matte finish to reduce glare and reflections, an updated Art Store with more than 1,400 pieces of art, and top-mounted speakers for improved sound.
• 43-inch, $1,000 (ships April 8)
• 50-inch, $1,300 (ships April 8)
• 55-inch, $1,500 (ships April 8)
• 65-inch, $2,000 (ships April 8)
• 75-inch, $3,000 (ships April 15)

Samsung says the Frame TV series will soon be offered in 32- and 85-inch screen sizes.

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