Samsung LN55A950 LCD HDTV HT Labs Measures

HT Lab Measures

Black: 0.000
White: 30.4
Full-On/Full-Off Contrast Ratio: Infinite

All of the measurements were taken in the Movie mode, adjusted as needed for the most accurate picture.

The Samsung’s black level cannot be measured by the sensitivity of the test tools available to us. It’s simply too low. Of course, the contrast ratio is not truly infinite, but the screen is essentially in an off state when it displays full-field black. We may need a new figure of merit to describe the black level of such displays, a gauge that shows not only how black absolute black is, but also how the set performs in dark but not absolutely black scenes. The obvious answer may appear to be ANSI contrast, but that measurement has its own set of problems when you try to relate it to the subjective performance of a set on dark program material.

The white level shown below was measured in the Movie mode with the contrast control set to 80 and the backlight on 3. FYI—with the set on Dynamic (backlight 10, contrast 100), it put out 130ft-L.

Our sample of the Samsung arrived with very close to a proper calibration in its Warm2 color tone setting. It only required a few small white balance adjustments to calibrate it to the D6500 color standard across the board. (The Before chart below may actually look more accurate, but the After result sacrifices a little accuracy at the dark and bright ends for a better balance in the middle.) I also made minor tweaks in the custom color space controls for a precise (HDTV) spec color gamut. The calibrated color gamut is so precise that the measured result in the white triangle exactly overlays the standard (shown by a black triangle, which is nearly invisible).

The Samsung’s resolution was uniformly very good to excellent, extending up to the maximum required frequencies of all the tested HD and SD formats (1080p in HDMI, and 1080i, 720p, 480i, and 480p in HDMI and component). In our experience, it’s rare for a display’s resolution to measure this well across the board.

The HD overscan measured 0 percent on all sides in 1080i and 1080p in the Just Scan aspect ratio and a maximum of 0.5 percent in 720p HDMI in Just Scan. Just Scan mode is not available for 720p in component or 480i/480p in either component or HDMI. At all other resolutions, measured in 16:9, the overscan was a maximum of 3.5 percent on all sides and a minimum of 1.5 percent, for a worst-case loss of about 14 percent in total image area.—TN

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