Salamander Unveils Custom Cabinets for Hisense Short-Throw Projectors

Connecticut-based AV furniture specialist Salamander Designs has introduced a line of custom wall cabinets designed specifically for Hisense “Laser TV” short-throw 4K projectors, including the 100-inch model we reviewed a year ago, which made our 2018 Top Picks of the Year list.

Built to accommodate Hisense models 100L8D, 100L10E, 120L10E, and 150L10E, the $3,599 cabinets provide a “seamless stealthy solution” that negates the need to open walls and ceilings to run cables.

Each wall unit has a flat top with a recessed projector cavity, space for components and speakers with “pinch-out” quick-access rear panels, a sturdy extruded-aluminum frame, a built-in infrared (IR) repeater system for through-the-doors remote control, and louvers to promote air flow to keep equipment cool.

Eight different styles are available: Chicago (black oak with a grass texture), Zurich (brown with textured doors), Oslo (black oak sides with black glass doors), Miami (gloss white), Berlin (shown above, wenge with wave textured doors), Denver (natural oak or medium walnut with bark-textured doors), and Milan (white with a dimensional diamond pattern).

A variety of bolt-on options and accessories are available, including a fan-based active cooling system and “designer footing.”

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That would look great in a '50s modern design!

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If you are going to spend from $10,000 to $15,000 on a Hisense UST laser projection system that comes with a screen that measures 100" to 150", it doesn't matter how good the built-in speakers and accompanying subwoofer are that come with the unit. The Hisense sound system may be very good for casual listening, like news or late night viewing, but if you spend that kind of money and have that large size of a screen, then you are going to also have a dedicated home theater system for the audio, preferably a full-blown Dolby Atmos array. There should be a full shelf under the projection unit that can house a large center channel speaker, instead of having a divided shelf space. Otherwise, where is one to place a center channel speaker? Surely no on top of the projection unit itself.

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Hi there, thanks very much for your comment.

This special solution was designed to specifically fit the Hisense complete system together with and for Hisense.

Like all of our products it can be customized to fit any center channel below the top. We offer full customization for large center channel speakers as design is what we do for our customers and dealers.

Thanks again!

Team Salamander Designs