Runco Upgrades DLP Projector with HD Capability

Last January, Runco International took a bold step by building an affordable lightweight projector incorporating Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. The sub-$10K VX-101 was among the first affordable projectors using TI's single-chip device, with near-high-definition results.

The Silicon Valley company now has taken the VX-101's capabilities to a new level. In September, Runco announced an upgrade that will enable the projector to produce true HD images. The upgraded model, known as the VX-101c, will display true DTV signals including 1080i, 720p and 480p. The projector's capabilities as a computer display are greatly enhanced by the VHD™ controller, a scaler that combines 10 bit decoding with "inverse telecine detection" (or "3:2 pulldown") to eliminate motion artifacts. It also can convert many VESA standard computer signals to the projector's widescreen resolution.

"This projector is capable of reproducing conventional and anamorphic/widescreen programs on a 16:9 or a 4:3 aspect ratio screen, and with the HDTV and data upgrade, the Reflection™ VX-101c is compatible with more sources and signals than ever before," says Runco's Liz Pemble.

Runco's Reflection™ VX-101c puts out a light intensity of up to 800 ANSI Lumens, and will cast high-definition images on screens up to 25' (diagonal). TheVX-101c is "completely DTV-compatible," according to Pemble, "providing large-screen impact and improved-definition imaging to digital television." Inputs include composite, S-Video, and RGB for DTV and SVGA computer-graphics display. The unit's mounting position and distance from the screen are never problematic, thanks to a vertical position-shift adjustment and a wide-ranging zoom lens. The DLP-based projector "never requires convergence adjustments in order to deliver its best performance," Runco claims. The upgrade from VX-101 to VX-101c is approximately $1000 through Runco dealers.