Runco LS-10i 3-Chip DLP Projector Page 4


Color temperature (before/after calibration)

20-IRE: 6,467 K/6,546 K

30-IRE: 6,434 K/6,462 K

40-IRE: 6,411 K/6,502 K

50-IRE: 6,403 K/6,456 K

60-IRE: 6,438 K/6,517 K

70-IRE: 6,419 K/6,501 K

80-IRE: 6,421 K/6,462 K

90-IRE: 6,414 K/6,493 K

100-IRE: 6,439 K/6,510 K

Primary color point accuracy vs. SMPTE HD standard


Target X

Measured X

Target Y

Measured Y
















In the 6,500-K color temperature setting, the LS-10i is extremely close to the neutral gray D6500 standard as measured with a Photo Research PR-650 spectroradiometer. This can be further dialed in using finely stepped RGB gain and bias controls in the user menu. The LS-10i averaged only 73 kelvins off the standard across the grayscale range before calibration and 6 kelvins after. In the Auto Color Space and Color Gamut modes, red, green, and blue color points are as close to measurably perfect as possible with our equipment. No overscan was visible with the eponymous control set to Off.

After calibration in the Standard lamp mode with ConstantContrast and AdaptiveContrast both on, a 100-IRE full-white test pattern measured 42.05 footlamberts (ftL). A 0-IRE black test pattern measured 0.002 ftL for a contrast ratio of 21,025:1. The Economy lamp setting produced 35.58 ftL but the same black level with no change in the other settings. ConstantContrast alone in the Standard lamp mode resulted in 36.82 /0.003 (12,273:1), while AdaptiveContrast alone resulted in 41.7/0.012 (3,475:1) with the same lamp mode. These measurements are considered dynamic contrast ratios. The native contrast of the light engine/lens is found with AC and CC off. With these settings, the LS-10i measured 36.39/0.013 (2,799:1) in the Standard lamp mode and 31.35/0.011 (2,850:1) in the Economy lamp mode.

Audible noise is average in the Economy mode and somewhat high in the Standard lamp mode. — G.M.

Bottom Line

No one, Runco included, denies that there are many fantastic projectors available at lots of different price points. But for many custom installations, lower-priced projectors just won’t work. Most aren’t bright enough, or don’t have the installation flexibility, to work in a large home cinema. The Runco LS-10i, on the other hand, combines incredible light output, decent contrast ratio, and exceptional color accuracy to deliver outstanding image quality on a potentially massive screen.