Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Report, Part 1: CanJam

Visitors to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest that ended yesterday got to see two shows in one. Not only did they get to hear some of the world’s finest high-end speakers, amps and source devices, they also got to walk through CanJam, a gathering of headphone manufacturers and enthusiasts.

CanJam collected 32 exhibitors in a single large hotel ballroom so enthusiasts could easily audition practically every significant headphone and headphone amp now on the market. Walking into CanJam can be a little jarring after strolling through the loud hallways of the Denver Tech Center Marriott that houses RMAF, because CanJam is dead quiet. Well, of course it is: It’s a headphone show!

The photo essay here collects some of the most interesting headphone-related products I saw at Can Jam, most of them introduced at the show or in the last couple of months. 

Speaker geeks, don’t feel neglected: I’ll be filing a full report on home audio products from RMAF sometime in the next couple of days.