Review: SVS SB13-Plus Subwoofer Page 3

Test Bench

Frequency response (at 2 meters):
23 to 324 Hz ±3.0 dB

Bass output (CEA-2010 standard)
? Ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz): 103.2 dB
? Low bass (40-63 Hz): 114.1 dB

I measured the frequency response of the SB13-Plus by placing a microphone 1 cm from the cone, and then measured CEA-2010 bass output at 1 meter. The frequency response measured nearly flat across the bass spectrum, with response down to 23 Hz and up to 324 Hz, well above the usual 80-Hz subwoofer crossover point.

CEA-2010 output is impressive; in fact, it’s well above 100 dB at all test frequencies except 20 Hz, where it drops to 98.3 dB. For a subwoofer of this size, that’s great.

To check the accuracy of the SB13-Plus’s Intelligent Function Controller, I set the parametric EQ for a cut of –6 dB at 50 Hz with a Q of 2.0. The difference in measured frequency response was exactly as expected, which is not usually the case with subwoofers; typically, the labels on the controls are a little off. This accurate calibration should make adjustment easier if you’re using measurement equipment to set the SB13-Plus’s controls. — B.B.