Review: Kreisel Sound DXD-12012 subwoofer Page 2


Frequency response
25 to 270 Hz ±3 dB

Bass output (CEA-2010A standard)
• Ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz) average: 109.8 dB
20 Hz 104.7 dB
25 Hz 110.3 dB
31.5 Hz 112.7 dB L
• Low bass (40-63 Hz) average: 122.5 dB
40 Hz 121.2 dB L
50 Hz 123.1 dB L
63 Hz 123.2 dB L

I measured the frequency response of the DXD-12012 using my Clio FW audio analyzer in log chirp mode. I close-miked both woofers and summed their response, and smoothed it to 1/12th octave to get the curve shown in the chart. I confirmed this result with a ground plane measurement outdoors, placing the microphone 2 meters from the front panel of the sub, and smoothed the result by 1/3rd octave to remove the effects of reflections from nearby objects. The sub shows a very flat response in its passband, which should give it even response from note to note (depending of course on your room's acoustics), and its excellent high-frequency extension will make it an appropriate match even for relatively small, bass-limited satellite speakers. (Why you'd want to use such a speaker with this sub is your business.)

I performed CEA-2010A output measurement at 3 meters, then added +9.5 dB to scale the measurements to the 1-meter reporting standard mandated by CEA-2010. Averages are done in pascals. An L indicates that the maximum level was reached without reaching any of the CEA-2010 distortion thresholds, indicating that the output at this frequency is determined by a limiter or the maximum gain of the sub's internal electronics.

Response is extremely impressive in the low bass (40-63 Hz) octave for a sub of this size. Ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz) isn't as impressive-it starts to drop below 40 Hz, and at 20 Hz, it's -9.1 dB below the much less expensive Hsu VTF-15H-but it's still substantial for a modestly sized subwoofer like this.

Bottom Line

OK, the DXD-12012 is a great sub. But you can get more output for much less. You can get more adjustability and versatiliy for much less. However, I'm told that it's available at a substantially lower price than the list price shown on the website; if you're interested, call 310-618-1370.

Even at a reduced price, for most home theater soundtracks and most pop and rock music, the DXD-12012's advantages over the best products from sub specialists such as SVS, Hsu, and Power Sound Audio will be subtle, and all of those subs will deliver more output at 20 Hz. So who's the DXD-12012 for? Three groups: audio pros, serious audiophiles, and very hardcore and well-heeled home theater fanatics. In other words, people who are very, very picky about sound.


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Impressive frequency response especially in the low bass range. The detailed measurements provide valuable insights for audio enthusiasts seeking high performance subs.
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