Review: KEF T305 speaker system Page 2

I decided to wall-mount the front left, center and right T301s because the speaker just begs for it visually and it's voiced for it sonically. Fortunately, wall-mounting these speakers is simple. Just figure out where you want to mount the speakers; screw the included metal mounting plates in place; then use the speaker's two keyholes on back to hang it on the mounting plates. The T301s are so light you can use drywall screws to mount them.

Makers of super-slim speakers have struggled to figure out an elegant way to attach the speaker cable, since there's no room for conventional binding posts. KEF has the best solution I've seen yet: little sockets with hex screws to secure the wires. It's simple - strip the wires, loosen the screws, shove the wires into the sockets and tighten the screws. The resulting connection seems secure enough that you could probably sling a T301 around over your head like a lasso.

Installing the subwoofer was simple, too. There's only one thing you need to be careful with here: You have to set the subwoofer crossover point on your receiver to 120 Hz. With the usual 80 Hz crossover point, you'll get distortion and a sonic "hole" between the sub and the main speakers, because those skinny 4.5-inch midrange drivers don't deliver enough energy at 80 Hz to blend properly with the subwoofer.