REL T3 Subwoofer Step Up to Step Down

Step Up to Step Down
Although I've focused most of the attention on the T3 because of its price, there's no doubt as to the extra drama, texture, and enhanced spatial presence that came from setting up the T2 or, especially, the T1 during my testing. The T1, in fact, should stay in my system as a reference subwoofer to compare against others costing upwards of $1,600—and the T1 comes in at under a grand. Even at that price, it's still probably the best buy of the three. Mind you, as I've noted with the T3, the T1 isn't a blow-you-out-of-your-seat subwoofer. (Nor is the T2.) It's more of a turn-your-innards-into-gelatin type of sub. Either approach to bass in a system can be argued as best, just as one might quarrel over the choice of corn syrup versus cane sugar in a well-known cola. You'll have to make the call on that. But the fact of the matter is that these subs are hot and definitely worth considering with almost any (within reason) speaker system you have.
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