RadioShack Hangs On, Looks to Save a Few Stores

RadioShack, the once powerful electronics retailer that has been beset with life-threatening financial problems in recent years, is still working to preserve part of the company.

The courts have granted the company preliminary approval for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization plan that would leave the electronics retailer with an online presence, a dealer network, and somewhere between zero and 28 physical stores, according to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal.

A hearing for confirmation of the final plan has been set for late October. A positive outcome would at least enable RadioShack to participate in the 2017 holiday selling season.

Billy's picture

The` amount of time I spent in Radio Shack stores back in the 70s is amazing. It was almost the only place to find certain cables or replacement parts, they rarely let me down. I now understand how much they were over charging for the convenience, but it is still sad to see another reminder of my youth go away. I still have a Realistic tuner and some tower speakers I bought in the summer of 79, both work flawlessly. With Amazon available, how can they possibly survive? What would be the purpose besides saving the shareholders?

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Ditching their customer base of hobbyists and tinkerers to sell phones was a big mistake.. The RS executives did this to themselves..