Qobuz Drops MP3, Moves to Cheaper Streaming Plan

Qobuz, the Paris-based high-resolution (hi-res) music streaming and download service that launched in the U.S. last February, has dropped its “Premium” MP3 streaming option and moved to a less expensive, single streaming plan.

The new Studio Premier plan will provide unlimited access to “over 50 million tracks in certified hi-res and CD lossless quality” and is being offered to the first 100,000 new subscribers for 14.99/month or $150/year.

Qobuz will continue to offer its Sublime+ plan, which includes a discount on hi-res downloads purchased through the Qobuz store, but has reduced its price from $300/year to $250/year.

Subscribers to now-defunct Premium (MP3) plan have the option of upgrading to the new Studio Premier plan but must do so before January 31, 2020. Subscribers to the old $19.99/month Hi-Fi and $24.99/month Studio plans will be automatically transferred to the Studio Premier plan at $14.99/month when their monthly subscription is renewed.

“MP3 is really bad for music, artists, and listeners — so Qobuz is saying ‘no’ to MP3 and now offers only real studio quality in one accessible plan,” said Dan Mackta, managing director of Qobuz USA. “Studio Premier is a special offer we’ve been dying to make. With the new plan, we will be pouring gasoline on the growth that has been kindled by our unique relationships in the premium audio hardware and retail industries.”

In the press release announcing the change, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Neil Young, an ardent supporter of hi-res music, was quoted as saying the new offer is a “big step towards making hi-res streaming available at the same cost as MP3 streaming today.”

For more information qobuz.com.