PSB Redesigns Popular Series

PSB, the highly respected Canadian speaker manufacturer, has redesigned their highly acclaimed Image Series. Based on trickle down technology and styling from their flagship Synchrony series and the follow up Imagine series, PSB's Image series has been completely remodeled and equipped with the company's most current features and enhancements for an entirely new auditory experience.

Like all PSB speakers, the new Image design benefits from the world-class acoustical resources found at Canada’s National Research Council in Ottawa, Canada. For more than 35 years PSB founder and design team chief Paul Barton has used the NRC facility to conduct fundamental studies of loudspeaker design and room acoustics in its anechoic chamber as well as vital subjective evaluations in its listening-studio facilities. It was Mr. Barton’s three-year development project at the NRC that produced the award-winning Synchrony, which played an important role in the design of the new Image Series.

Significant among the Image Series’ enhancements is its driver platform, which share long-excursion, very high-output woofers resulting in compact designs with output capabilities as high as much larger traditional systems. A highly accurate, one-inch titanium dome tweeter with ferrofluid and a very efficient neodymium magnet structure helps to extend output for effortless, airy top octaves and smooth, uncolored response. The softer, more sophisticated shape with rounded features rather than square corners, maintains the newer, more organic styling of PSB's most recent product introductions.

Always known for their exceptional performance at prices that won't break the bank, the new Image Series continues that tradition with eight new models. They include two full-range tower designs ($1199 and $899/pair), two compact monitors ($399 and $499 a pair), two center-channel speakers ($275 and $375/pair), a bipole surround for side and rear locations ($799/pair, and one sub-compact monitor/surround ($299/pair). The models are based on six-, five- and four-inch woofer platforms that further extend the Image Series’ broad range of applications and budgetary options.