Proton Remote Handles 10 Devices

Remote clutter got you down? Proton has a solution that will perk you up. The cost? A mere $200.

The new SRC 2000 programmable remote control allows you to incorporate commands for up to ten different devices in one backlit, handheld unit. TV, VCR, DVD, CD, cable or satellite receiver, monitor, projector---even motorized screens and window shades can be operated by this versatile control at distances up to 10 meters, or 32.8 feet. Proton's universal remotes use IR codes from existing remote controls to consolidate all functions in one.

Proton has taken ergonomics to the next level, with user-scalable touch screen menus and buttons that can be labeled and assigned however you wish. The large illuminated display changes its intensity depending on the ambient light in the room, guaranteeing that it can be read regardless of conditions. The most commonly used functions---on/off, volume, channel selection, play, mute, and stop---are assigned to the seven direct access rubber buttons.

The new Proton remotes are also designed with versatility in mind. The "macro" button can stores 12 macro programs, and each macro can handle as many as 25 separate commands. The SRC 2000 also has timer functions for 12 different devices, a useful feature if you have a system whose components need to be powered on or off in a specific sequence. Other useful information on the display includes time, date and battery status.

The SRC 2000 remote comes packaged with 3 AAA non-rechargeable batteries and a user's manual. Optional accessories include the SDS-2000DBC Docking Stand, 3 AAA rechargeable batteries, and AC adapter. The "SDS-2000SL" package includes a PC linking cable, software, and user's manual.