Princeton and Unity Motion Announce Plan for New HDTV Monitor

Last week, Princeton, a manufacturer of computer monitors and PC/TV convergence products, announced a contract with Unity Motion, a high-definition distribution and programming company (see previous article) to develop a flexible, high-quality, widescreen multiscan TV monitor for consumers.

According to Princeton, the display is capable of providing high-quality images from any source, including digital (PC, DVD, laserdisc, digital camera, video conferencing), analog (TV, VCR, video camera, cable programming), and HDTV. "Princeton is dedicated to using its display-technology expertise to improve the entertainment experience in the home," says William Wang, president of Princeton.

Designed exclusively for Unity Motion, the monitor will feature a newly developed 16:9, 32-inch CRT. It will be capable of displaying all 18 DTV formats, including 480p, 720p, and 1080i. The new monitor will also serve as a high-quality, widescreen computer monitor.

"The technology of the Unity Motion display will establish a new standard of excellence for widescreen multiscan monitors," says Yoshi Asahi, chief of technology for Unity Motion. "This monitor is a new breed of technology that will display every known HD format and accept VGA, so it can be used as a computer monitor. It will also display NTSC pictures using a built-in line doubler."

The monitor will be available for purchase in the US in late September from Unity Motion's high-end home-theater dealers. At that time, Unity Motion will also begin broadcasting high-definition programming on a 24-hour/day basis, in both the progressive and interlaced HD formats, using its own proprietary satellite system.

According to Sean Henry, vice president of sales and marketing for Unity Motion, "Now we can bring the best possible picture quality to our dealers so they can bring it to the people they service. This is an important step for everyone who is hungry for high-definition television. Simply put, this is the best widescreen multiscan monitor in the world."

Henry suggests that consumers will be "pleasantly surprised" by the monitor's price, details of which will be available by late summer. "We can bring consumers the highest-quality display monitor at a price somewhat lower than they have been led to expect," he says.