Poll Results: Getting the Best Deal Trumps Shopping Online or in Stores

The results of last week’s survey are in. We asked where you shop for and buy A/V gear and the top response from 328 of the survey’s 1,220 respondents was “wherever I can get the best deal.” In the number two and three spots with 278 and 202 votes, respectively, were “online retailer” and “local independent retail store,” followed by “big-box retailer” with 183 votes. Comments suggest what most of us already know: Good independent retailers with a knowledgeable sales staff and excellent demonstration facilities are becoming harder and harder to come by...and that's sad. Here's a breakdown of the results:

1. Wherever I can get the best deal! 27% (328 votes)

2. Online retailer (Amazon, Crutchfield, etc.) 23% (278 votes)

3. Local independent retail store 17% (202 votes)

4. Big-box retailer (Best Buy, etc.) 15% (183 votes)

5. Direct from company websites when possible 5% (65 votes)

6. I shop in a store but sometimes make the purchase online 5% (60 votes)

7. I shop in a store but often make the purchase online 5% (59 votes)

8. Custom installation company 4% (45 votes)

Stay tuned for our next poll and feel free to suggest topics/questions.

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