Poll Recap: Old AV Never Dies, It Gets Recirculated

John Sciacca offered a number of great suggestions for what to do with old equipment in his recent Old Electronics Get New Life column, which inspired us to pose this question to Sound & Vision readers: How do you get rid of old AV gear that’s past its prime.

Well, the results are in and 60 percent of the tally was a near toss up between 1) moving gear to another room, 2) giving it to a friend or relative, and 3) selling it at a garage sale or online through a site like eBay—all excellent ways to keep good used gear in circulation. Here’s the complete breakdown:

21% – Move it to another room in the house for secondary use

20% – Give it to a friend or relative

19% – Sell it at a garage sale or online through a site like eBay

14% – Bring it to the local recycling center

12% – Move it to a basement or attic storage area

11% – Donate it to a charity like Good Will or Salvation Army

3% – Move it to the curb with garbage

dnoonie's picture

My "old" gear:
1)Most is sold on consignment for a good price (ebay like but local)
2)Often it is re-purposed but then the least used (not necessarily the oldest or "worst") is sold on consignment
3)Selling to a friend at a discount, ebay and consignment take a substantial cut so if it can sell it to a friend for a good deal I will, no hard sell I simply make it available to them, and I don't have to go to the trouble of consignment or ebay
4)If it's really old I'll take it to a charity and let them figure out what to do with it.
5)I've also considered giving to a repair show for parts