Plasma Prices Plummet

Flat screen fans will be pleased to hear that, last week, Fujitsu announced that it is lowering the suggested retail prices on its PDS-4222 and PDS-4214 Plasmavision Slimscreen 42-inch widescreen plasma display monitors. Effective immediately, the suggested retail price for the PDS-4222 has been reduced from $13,999 to $9999, while the PDS-4214's suggested retail price has been reduced from $9999 to $7999.

The PDS-4222 is Fujitsu's top-of-the-line Plasmavision Slimscreen display monitor and sports a 42-inch (16:9) screen. Fujitsu says that its high-resolution 1024 x 1024 pixel arrays can display images at true 1080i and 720p HDTV resolution, as well as images from 480i and 480p SDTV signals. In addition, the company says that the PDS-4222 can display XGA, SVGA, and VGA video output from a computer, enabling the display of computer graphics for video game fans and web surfers looking for a little extra clarity and color definition on a big screen.

The PDS-4222 also utilizes Fujitsu's ALiS (Alternate Lighting of Surfaces) technology, which Fujitsu claims achieves 80% higher brightness and definition than conventional plasma displays. The less expensive PDS-4214 Plasmavision monitor incorporates many of the technologies used in the PDS-4222. Fujitsu reports that the PDS-4214 offers true multi-source capability, displaying HDTV, DVD, computer, and other video sources through a 42-inch widescreen aspect ratio display.

Fujitsu's Tedd Rozylowicz ties the lower prices to improved manufacturing yields and increased sales volume, adding that "we are now able to offer two of our most popular Plasmavision models at prices that make them even more attractive for consumers and commercial users."