Panasonic Announces Entry-Level Smart TV Pricing

Panasonic has announced pricing and availability of its entry-level Life+Screen AS530 Series of 1080p smart TVs, featuring 39-, 50-, 55-, and 60-inch screen sizes.

Pricing for the new LED-backlit LCD models is $550 for the 39-inch TC-39AS530U, $900 for the 50-inch TC-50AS530U, $1,100 for the 55-inch TC-55AS530U, and $1,400 for the 60-inch TC-60AS530U. All models are available online and in stores.

Common features include Panasonic’s “240 Backlight Blinking” technology, access to a wide range of apps and online content, including on-demand movies and gaming, a built-in wireless LAN and media player, DLNA support, two HDMI inputs, two USB ports, and Energy Star 6.1 certification.

TVs in the Life+Screen series also feature a redesigned My Home Screen user interface that learns viewer preferences and simplifies content navigation and personalization; remote sharing of Home Screen information via smartphones; a text-to-speech function that verbalizes text as it appears onscreen; and the ability to swipe and share photos and videos with smartphones and tablets.

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The previous gen Panny LED/LCD TVs were notorious for the poor black levels in contrast (pun intended) to their Plasma counterparts. Hope they have done a better job this time. Otherwise it is the death knoll for them in TV business. Wait did we hear Pioneer was coming back in the TV game !!