Nvidia reveals professional RF 3D glasses


Active-shutter 3D glasses generally use infrared signals to sync the shutters with the images on the screen. An emitter placed near the screen beams invisible light that the glasses pick up and translate into timing information. They're functional, but if anything gets between the emitter and the glasses, the shutters cease to work and the display becomes a blurry mess.

Nvidia, one of the biggest names in IR active shutter glasses, is now working on RF glasses in hopes of overcoming the disadvantages of line-of-sight transmissions. With a wireless radio connection, shutter glasses can stay synced with the screen regardless of what gets in the way. These glasses are called Nvidia 3D Vision Pro, and they're currently being targeted at professionals who need to model and edit video in 3D. They'll be available in October at the hefty price of $349 per pair of glasses and $399 for the RF transmitter. Hopefully RF 3D will go down in price after professionals start to adopt the equipment.

Will Greenwald

[Source: Engadget]