New Samsung Monitor Supports Immersive, Fast-Action Gameplay

Samsung is expanding its line of curved gaming monitors with a 27-inch model featuring a 240-Hz refresh rate and compatibility with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology.

Hailed as the world’s first 240-Hz curved gaming monitor, the C27RG5 is priced at $400 and ships in July. The vertical alignment (VA) display panel is designed to deliver “smooth, tear-free, low-latency gameplay” in standard HD (1920 × 1080) resolution and boasts a 178° horizontal/vertical viewing angle and a dramatic 1500R screen curvature for enhanced immersion. Contrast ratio is specified as 3000:1 and response time as 4 milliseconds (ms).

Nvidia’s proprietary G-Sync technology synchronizes the graphics processor and display panel to “eliminate image tears, stuttering, and screen-lag for exceptionally smooth, fast-action gaming.” The display’s refresh rate is also dynamically adapted to stabilize complex scenes for “virtually stutter-free” gaming.

The monitor is supported by a sturdy, ergonomic stand and has an ultra-thin bezel on the top and sides of the screen to create an edge-to-edge feel. Gamers can choose one of several preset display options via an on-screen menu and create up to three quick-access custom display profiles.

Features include low-input-lag and flicker-free eye saver modes and a Virtual Aim Point feature that centers the target on the screen for more precise attacks during gameplay.

“Combining a 240-Hz refresh rate with Nvidia G-Sync compatibility gives gamers advanced performance for the most graphic-intense games,” said Seog-gi Kim, executive vice president of the Samsung’s Visual Display Business.

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