New Products—May 2004 Page 5

Sherwoodsherwood - new products - 0504For its first TV set, Sherwood brings to the table a sleek 17-inch LCD model with a widescreen aspect ratio. Screen resolution is 1,280 x 768 pixels, and the set can accept HDTV signals through its component-video and VGA inputs. When using the TV as a computer monitor, you can watch a show in an inset window with the picture-in-picture function. Watching from the side shouldn't hurt either - the viewing angle is said to be up to 176°, and contrast ratio is rated as 400:1. The built-in speakers are powered with 10 watts each. Price: $1,000., 800-962-3203

Sennheiser sennheiser - new products - 0504Take your PC gaming to the next level with Sennheiser's PC 155 headphone/microphone combo, made for the serious player. The USB interface gives a direct digital connection to your computer, and a built-in sound-card chip processes the sound. Extra-large ear cushions keep outside noise to a minimum while enveloping you in the audio experience. Both a volume control and mute switch are on the cord, and you can detach the USB adapter to use the headphones with a portable CD player or other source. When you frag one of your pals in multiplayer mode, be sure to tell him "Hasta la vista" over the bendable microphone. Price: $140., 860-434-9190

Terk terk - new products - 0504Now that many homes have multiple TVs, including HDTVs, along with broadband cable modems, that cable coming in from the wall may be getting spread too thin. Terk's AMP-15 signal amplifier doesn't just split the cable - it'll also boost standard TV (VHF/UHF), HDTV, and FM radio signals by 15 dB to overcome losses caused by long cable lengths and multiple splits. Since it supports two-way communication, cable modems are no problem. The slim design and side supports let you mount the AMP-15 on a wall. An AC power adapter and 6 feet of coaxial cable are included. Price: $80., 631-543-1900

Hsu Research hsu - new products - 0504The center speaker stands out from the crowd in Hsu Research's Ventriloquist VT-12 home theater system, which also includes five microsatellites (the fifth one is for the back surround position in a 6.1-channel setup). Each satellite has a single 2 1/2-inch driver, while the center needs a 16 7/8 x 5 x 8 5/8-inch cabinet to make room for a pair of 4 x 6-inch oval woofers. The beefy center speaker has extra inputs and outputs for the front left and right channels so some of the bass can be redirected from the tiny satellites to the center, resulting in fuller sound. Paired with the STF-1 sub (shown) - which has a 150-watt amp and an 8-inch driver - the system's combined response plunges down to 32 Hz ±2 dB. Prices: VT-12 system, $369; STF-1, $375., 800-554-0150