CEDIA 2023 Preview: Samsung Adds 85-Inch Model to Outdoor TV Series

Samsung today announced the addition of an 85-inch screen size to its Terrace series of outdoor 4K TVs, a category the company sees growing in popularity as more people look to enjoy TV entertainment in the backyard.

Available to pre-order for $20,000 through September 10th, the QN85LST9 is designed for permanent outdoor installation and will be the first model in the line to feature an upgraded “full-sun” Neo QLED 4K panel and improved weather-resistance in addition to bringing gaming into the fold when it starts shipping September 11th. The Terrace series also offers 55-, 65-, and 75-inch “partial-” and “full-sun” models, all with QLED panels.

The Neo QLED panel used in the new 85-inch model is brighter with higher contrast than the other “full-sun” QLED models in the series, thanks to its mini-LED backlighting system, and is designed for anti-glare, wide-angle viewing in direct sun without washing out. Samsung says the screen is protected from direct sun for up to 6 hours with temperatures as high as 104 degrees.

The TV, which makes its debut next week at CEDIA Expo 2023 (watch for our coverage), also notches up weather-resistance to the IP56 level, which means it is impervious to dust and able to withstand direct sprays from powerful water jets without consequence, making it suitable for use in a pool area. Other models carry a less water-resistant IP55 rating.

Apart from being built to withstand the elements, the QN85LST9 is equipped with Samsung’s Quantum Processor 4K, which improves image quality and automatically upscales lower resolution content, and supports the HDR10 and HDR10+ high dynamic range formats. The TV is also a full-on smart TV that provides ready access to over 600 apps in addition to thousands of free TV channels and on-demand programs through the Samsung TV Plus service.

Samsung says the set is also designed to reduce motion blur for enhanced viewing of sports and other fast-moving content and is the first model in the Terrace line to include the Samsung Gaming Hub, which makes it easy to stream more than 3,000 popular games from Xbox, Nvidia GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, Utomik, Antstream Arcade, and Blacknut — no console required.

The TV includes an environment-friendly solar-powered remote control and has a built-in HD Base-T receiver, a feature used by custom installers that makes it possible to connect HDMI devices to the TV via a single network cable. For more information, visit samsung.com.

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The focus on gaming and improved viewing in direct sunlight makes it a great choice for outdoor entertainment. | cement driveway