New Products—May 2004 Page 4

Sunfire sunfire - new products - 0504The True Subwoofer EQ Solitaire 12 from Sunfire is equipped with an equalizer for adapting to your room's acoustics. Just connect the supplied microphone with the EQ mode engaged, and the built-in circuitry will know what to do. The 12-inch long-throw driver, backed up by a 1,500-watt amplifier, can move a lot of air. Response is rated down to 16 Hz, and the crossover frequency is continuously variable from 35 to 100 Hz, with a bypass position. There's a balanced XLR input, unbalanced line-level inputs, and speaker-level connectors as well as line-level outputs. Finished in gloss black lacquer, the 13-inch cube weighs 50 pounds. Price: $1,895., 425-335-4748

Mission mission - new products - 0504Need to set up a PA system in a flash for that backyard get-together that just got a little too big? Mission's TecSonic is just slightly less portable than a megaphone, and the system includes a flat-panel speaker, a 5-foot stand, a microphone with cable, and a mixer/amplifier switching box. When it's all in the supplied carrying case, the system weighs about as much as a laptop computer. The NXT flat-panel speaker is said to create a diffuse sound field, allowing for a lot of flexibility in placement, and it's said to provide clear sound for a crowd up to 100 people. The switching box controls volume and tone, and you can hook up music sources, too, you karaoke animals. Price: $999., 973-285-3310

Wireworld wireworld - new products - 0504High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connectors - capable of transmitting both audio and video - are starting to appear on cutting-edge home theater gear. Wireworld's Starlight 5 HDMI cable, which aims to be a "high-end" HDMI connection, can show you what they're capable of. Silver-clad oxygen-free copper conductors and proprietary jitter-reduction technology are said to help minimize timing errors, allowing lengths of up to 65 feet (20 meters) with no degradation. The cable is available in nine standard lengths, from 40 inches to 65 feet, fitted with your choice of HDMI or DVI (Digital Visual Interface) connectors. Prices: $200 for a 40-inch cable to $1,150 for a 65-foot cable., 954-680-3848

ReQuest Multimedia A massive collection of DVDs requires equally massive organizational skills. That, or the VideoReQuest digital video controller, capable of managing up to four Sony DVP-CX777ES 400-disc megachangers (future upgrades are planned to allow other brands). Each changer plugs into one of the controller's four serial RS-232 ports, and there's a fifth RS-232 port to control the VideoReQuest itself. You can organize and select DVDs in several ways - by title, actor name, genre, or MPAA rating. The software automatically gets DVD info from the Internet via the Ethernet port when you connect it to your home network, and there's a USB port for an external keyboard so you can enter data manually. The controller has VGA, component-, composite-, and S-video outputs and comes in silver or black brushed-metal finishes. Price: $2,500., 518-899-1254 request - new products - 0504