New Paradigm Subs Boast App Control, Room Correction

Paradigm has introduced six subwoofers, five of which feature app control, automated room correction from sister company Anthem, and wireless connectivity via an optional kit.

The subwoofers range in price from $399 to $1,499 and are divided into the high-output Defiance X series and the value-oriented Defiance V series. All models, except the entry-level V series subwoofer, can be controlled by the free Paradigm Subwoofer Control App, which puts three preset listening modes and controls for volume, low-pass filter, phase, room gain, and more at your fingertips.

The top five models are also equipped with Anthem Room Correction (ARC) technology, which measures the listening space, compares it to standard lab responses, and “removes performance-robbing anomalies.” The results can be switched in and out using the app for easy comparison, and X series models include an external ARC microphone, which can be used to take more precise measurements.

Built to achieve “massive SPL levels,” Definance X models feature flush-mounted drivers, down-firing ports, heavy-duty, internally-braced cabinets, and incorporate “active ridge” woofer surrounds for maximum excursion. The patented design “overmolds” the driver surrounds to allow the “farthest possible throw without distortion or destruction.” The result is a measured 3-dB gain in output with a 50% reduction in audible distortion when compared with standard drivers, according to Paradigm.

Defiance X15 ($1,499) teams a 15-inch driver with a 900-watt Class D amplifier in a 23.25 x 24 x 24.75-inch cube. RCA, XLR (LFE), and speaker-level inputs are provided and rated frequency response is 18-240 Hz ±3 dB.

Defiance X12 ($1,299) steps down to a 12-inch driver and 650-watt amplifier in a 19.5 x 18 x 18.75-inch enclosure. Rated frequency response is 20-230 Hz ±3 dB.

Defiance X10 ($999) features a 10-inch driver and 300-watt amplifier in a 16.5 x 15 x 15.75-inch enclosure. Rated frequency response is 29-240 Hz ±3 dB.

The Defiance V series is described as a no-gimmick line offering “amazing value” from smaller subwoofers. As with the X series, all models except the entry-level V8 feature app control, Anthem Room Correction, and optional wireless connectivity via an optional kit. The input configuration is the same except for an XLR balanced connection.

Defiance V12 ($649) pairs a 12-inch driver and 120-watt Class D amplifier in a 18 x 16.5 x 17-inch enclosure. Rated frequency response is 23-200 Hz ±3 dB.

Defiance V10 ($549) has a 10-inch driver and 120-watt amplifier in a 15.7 x 14.25 x 14.9-inch enclosure. Rated frequency response is 29-200 Hz ±3 dB.

The entry-level Defiance V8 ($399) V8 features an 8-inch driver and 75-watt amplifier in a 14.2 x 12.75 x 13.4-inch enclosure. Rated frequency response is 34-200 Hz ±3 dB.

All models in both series are available finished in black satin.

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