New Lotus SUV Gets Super-Charged KEF Sound System

KEF has extended its partnership with Lotus to bring killer sound to the new Eletre Hyper-SUV, the carmaker’s first all-electric “lifestyle” vehicle.

Taking things up a several notches above the 340-watt 10-channel system in the super-sexy Emira sports car Lotus rolled out last year, KEF worked closely with Lotus engineers to create a custom 15-speaker KEF Premium system for the Eletre, which makes its debut in 2023 with an estimated range of 370 miles and top speed of 160 mph. Rated horsepower exceeds 600 and the SUV can do 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds.

Like the Emira system, the Eletre setup will incorporate KEF’s signature Uni-Q driver technology but will quadruple available power to a chest-pounding 1,380 watts. In a Uni-Q driver, a tweeter is located in the throat of a midrange driver (where a dust cap is in a conventional speaker), which KEF says creates an “acoustically idealized single point source” capable of delivering a more realistic sound experience.

For buyers of the SUV who want an even bigger, more spacious audio experience, Lotus is offering the option to upgrade to the 2,160-watt KEF Reference system, featuring 23 speakers system and 3D surround sound technology. Pricing for the upgraded audio system was not announced but the car is expected to sell in the $100,000 range.

The Eletre is four wheel drive with a rated battery capacity that exceeds 100kWh.