Netflix delivers 2 billionth disc

We weren't thrilled with the news about Netflix upping their prices for Blu-ray subscribers (though, we understand), so we're happy to see some good news coming out of their camp. Alabama resident Clay Shannon had no idea that he was going to win a free lifetime subscription to Netflix when he added the Blu-ray version of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist to his queue. That probably makes up for the fact he had to sit through the movie. According to the announcement, it took the company about eight years to ship their first billion and a little more than two years to ship the next billion. That's some pretty impressive growth, something we like to see when a lot of other companies are having some real trouble. I'm responsible for about 600 of those shipments, so it's kind of like I won, too. Only, I didn't. Oh well, maybe I'll get to be number 3 billion.

Check out the official announcement via Facebook