NEC Drops Price of 61" Plasma Screen

NEC Technologies has radically reduced the cost of its flagship PlasmaSync monitor, dropping the price by almost one-third, according to a November 26 press release. The suggested retail price of the company's HDTV-compatible PlasmaSync 61MP1, said to be the world's first 61" display, has been reduced to $19,995 from $27,995.

The move is intended to attract buyers from a wider part of the market, and to gain wider exposure for a display technology that seems destined to occupy more public attention as prices decline on models of all sizes. "Users are realizing the myriad benefits of large screen plasma monitors, such as their sleek look, compact form factor, and expansive use . . . While the market demand for plasma continues to grow, the biggest obstacle is still price," explained Mike Piehl, plasma product line manager for NEC Technologies' Visual Systems. "NEC is committed to making plasma displays more affordable and available to a broader base of users, thereby fueling growth of the market. The significant price reduction of the already popular 61MP1 is an example of our vow not only to our customers, but to the industry as a whole."

This past summer, NEC was the second manufacturer to break the 50" barrier with plasma displays. (Zenith debuted a 60" plasma display at CES 2001, and delivered it to dealers during the summer.) The PlasmaSync 61MP1 is manufactured in NEC's state-of-the-art production facility in Kagoshima, Japan. "The sophistication of our Kagoshima plant has created efficiencies that allow NEC to pass the cost savings on to customers, while easily accommodating the influx in demand that is expected to result from the 61MP1 price reduction," Piehl stated.

Five feet diagonally, the 61MP1 offers split-screen capability and digital zoom, with a bright, sharp picture easily seen from longer distances than are typically possible with smaller screens. NEC claims that it produces "up to 50% more information on screen than a 50" monitor." More information is available on the NEC Technologies Website.