Myryad Processor Accepts DVD-A, SACD

The surround processor is the heart of every high-end home theater system. Good ones, like Myryad Systems' MDP500, have flexibility built in for unanticipated new formats.

Clean, elegant visual design is mated to excellent electronics in the MDP500. Capable of decoding Dolby ProLogic, Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks, the Myryad is also equipped with a 7.1 input for DVD-Audio and SACD recordings. A Dolby "late night" option reduces dynamics and frequency extremes so that viewers can enjoy movies without disturbing their neighbors. Mono operation and cinema equalization are useful options as well; and several synthesized surround modes are available to create ambience with two-channel sources. Navigation is via an onscreen display.

The MDP500 has nine pairs of analog stereo audio inputs, discrete inputs for 7.1 multichannel analog, and six digital inputs: four coaxial, and two optical. The processor also has six video inputs, each offering the choice of composite or S-video. Outputs include 7.1 channel analog, three record outs, two composite/S-video outs, and one S-video without the onscreen display.

Unusual features on the Myryad processor are a pair of "My-Link" inputs and outputs. The unit also has an RS232 control input for use with computers, and outputs a 12V DC trigger for remote turn-on of power amplifiers and other equipment. Finished in brushed aluminum and either silver gray or black to match other home theater equipment in the Myryad line, the MDP500 carries a suggested list price of $ 2,595.00. Myryad products are distributed by Artech Electronics.