MovieBeam MB2160 Video On Demand System At A Glance & Ratings

At A Glance: MovieBeam MB2160 Video on demand System


Processing Modes: N/A
THX Certification: No
Audio D/A Converter: N/A
Hard Drive Capacity: 160 GB
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 2.1 x 17 x 10
Weight (pounds): 5.9
Price: $100

Video: Composite video passthrough (1)
Audio: Stereo analog passthrough (1)
Video: HDMI (1), component video (1), S-video (1), composite video (1)
Audio: HDMI (1), coaxial digital (1), optical digital (1), stereo analog (1)
Additional: RF (1), RJ-11 telephone (1), USB (1, unused), RJ-45 Ethernet (1, unused), future expansion card slot (1, unused)

Ratings: MovieBeam MB2160 Video On Demand System

Build Quality: 88
• Component chassis construction is about what you'd find with a basic DVD player
• Remote control is well designed, but the battery cover feels a bit loose

Value: 91
• How much is it worth not to have to drive to the video store and back again?
• What part of no subscription fees or annual contracts don't you understand?

Feature: 88
• Theatrical trailers for each movie
• Some special bonus extras and featurettes are available

Performance: 87
• Too much compression sometimes compromises video quality
• Dolby Digital soundtrack is as good as that of a DVD

Ergonomics: 93
• Great remote control shape and button layout
• You can place the separate RF antenna away from the main chassis
• No disc cases to lose, break, or trip over

Overall Rating: 89
If convenience is your thing, the MovieBeam is king. The picture quality needs some tweaking, so don't expect to use this as a reference source. The sound quality is as good as a DVD, though, and you never have to worry about losing a disc.

General Information
MB2160 Video On Demand System, $100
(866) 645-6836
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