Monoprice to Unveil THX Subwoofers at CEDIA

While tradeshows are always full of surprises, here’s a bit of pre-show news that really stood out: Monoprice, the company known for its value pricing, will unveil a line of THX-certified subwoofers at CEDIA 2017, which opens in San Diego next week.

The new Monolith THX Subwoofer series comprises three models ranging in price from $500 to $1,300, each featuring a Texas Instruments 48-bit DSP engine that monitors transfer function, power output, and thermal conditions “to the millisecond.”

The Monolith 10” is THX Select-certified for rooms up to 2,000 cubic feet and features a 10-inch driver and a Class D amplifier rated to deliver 500 watts RMS in a cabinet with a single port. Price is $500.

The Monolith 12” model is also THX Select-certified and features a 12-inch driver with the same 500-watt RMS amplifier in a cabinet with dual ports. Price is $800.

The Monolith 15” model is THX Ultra-certified for rooms up to 3,000 cubic feet and features a 15-inch driver and a Class D amplifier rated to deliver 1,000 watts RMS in a heavily-braced cabinet with three ports. Price is $1,300.

Foam plugs are provided with each model so the sub can be operated in sealed mode.