McIntosh Unveils Newly Refined 600-Watt Monoblock

McIntosh has announced the imminent arrival of a new 600-watt monoblock amplifier that offers several updates over its predecessor, the MC601.

The new MC611 ($7,500) boasts a number of improvements, including a filter capacity that has been doubled to produce a 55 percent increase in dynamic headroom — from 1.8 dB to 2.8 dB — as well as better low-frequency performance, new LED backlighting for improved appearance and color accuracy, glass windows that reveal the amp’s power transformer and proprietary Autoformer, and two monogrammed heatsinks.

Rated power is 600 watts into 2, 4, or 8 ohms thanks to McIntosh’s longstanding, proprietary output Autoformer technology, which gets you “all the power you paid for, regardless of what speaker you use,” according to product manager Ron Cornelius

As with its predecessors, the rear panel has three sets of speaker binding posts — one for each speaker impedance — but with added space that makes it easier to connect speaker cables. Other enhancements include heavier gauge internal wiring, upgraded circuit components, and the addition of McIntosh’s eco-friendly power management system.

Beyond the upgrades, the MC611 retains the company’s quad-balanced design, which is said keep amplified signals clean from input to output by canceling “noise and distortion that may have snuck into the audio signal” as well as Power Guard and other longstanding McIntosh amplifier technologies.

The amplifier is equipped with balanced and unbalanced outputs to make it easier to bi-amp and tri-amp speakers and send the audio signal to a secondary system or powered subwoofer.

Sitting on a polished stainless steel chassis, the MC-611 features McIntosh’s signature black glass front panel and illuminated logo, the brand’s iconic control knobs and aluminum rack handles, and a large 8-inch “fast responding” watt meter.

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