McIntosh Unveils New Super ‘Quad Balanced’ Amplifier

McIntosh has announced a new “quad balanced” stereo amplifier to replace its highly regarded MC452.

Slated to ship this month, the new generation MC462 ($9,000) has received numerous updates, according to the company, including most notably a 50 percent increase in filter capacity, which has upped dynamic headroom 66 percent, from 1.8 dB to 3.dB. The expanded headroom is said to allow the amplifier to “easily handle drastic swings in dynamics” and improve bass performance.

Like its predecessor, the MC462 is rated to deliver 2 x 450 watts into impedances as low as 2 ohms, thanks to the use of a dedicated McIntosh Autoformer for each channel. The amplifier’s “quad-balanced” design is said to cancel “all noise and distortion that may have crept into the audio signal.”

The upgraded amplifier also now incorporates McIntosh’s eco-friendly power management system and has upgraded internal wiring and circuit components.

Aesthetically, the MC462 retains McIntosh’s signature look with its black glass front panel, illuminated logo, control knobs, aluminum handles, and blue power meter plus a few new enhancements.

The front panel uses direct LED backlighting to improve color accuracy and appearance and the two Autoformers and a single power transformer are housed in new enclosures topped by a single machined cover with glass inserts. The back half of the amplifier has four monogrammed heatsinks, which connect to high-current output transistors. Everything sits on a polished stainless steel chassis.

The amplifier has balanced and unbalanced outputs to make it easier to bi-amp or tri-amp speakers, send audio to a secondary system, or connect a powered subwoofer.

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