McIntosh offers 60th-anniversary tube amps

McIntosh globe logo color High-end audio manufacturer McIntosh is celebrating six decades in the business a system that hails back to the company's early days.

The Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Classic System features McIntosh's MC75 monoblock amplifier and C22 preamp. The 75-watt MC75 was first sold in 1961, and the C22 hit the audiophile world just a year later. While the components are based on 60-year-old designs, the system itself has been tweaked and polished to fit in with a modern sound system. Both the MC75 and C22 use refined and updated circuitry, and the C22 features Dolby Logic-driven electromagnetic switches and an IR remote control.

The Classic System is limited to only 120 united in North America, and each one includes a copy of the coffee-table book For the Love of Music signed by author and sound engineer Ken Kessler, McIntosh co-founder Sidney Cordermann, and McIntosh president Charlie Randall.

These re-issued pieces of history come with a pretty hefty price tag; the Classic System sells for $15,000. It comes with a nice book, though.

Will Greenwald