Mark Cuban's Saving The Internet. Again

It seems like everyone has a blog these days. (Insert cute winking smiley-face thingy here.) Internet billionaire Mark Cuban is no different. He has a plan to save Internet video.

Whew! Good thing, and just in time. What would Hulu, Netflix, and all the movie studios that will have already committed to streaming and downloads do without Mark Cuban saving the day?

See how Mark is showing us, "The Way to Save Internet Video."

Cuban contends that the Web HD content you're viewing isn't as good a quality as that you get over cable, broadcast, or satellite, because it has to be heavily compressed to get to you.

"First of all, 100% of the internet video that you see offered on the net as HD, is not HD. Plain and simple.
I'm not going to go on my 19th nervous tangent about why video over the net has problems and HD over the net is not going to happen. Instead, I will give the quick and dirty on what should happen."

"Move the video cloud to the node and encode and insert into the traditional video distribution systems. Rather than Hulu sending its video directly across the net to your PC, and let the end user figure out how to watch and distribute from there, it should send it to a box hosted by your cable/telco and possibly even satellite provider, which then transcodes the video and places it on the existing TV distribution system and sends it across a channel branded with your name and the name of the file to your TV."

"The net result is that having subscribed to this "Internet Video to your TV" system for a buck or two per month, you will notice that on your electronic programming guide there is a subset of channels with your name on them. When you click on a video at your favorite site, that video can easily be rerouted to the server at the node, transcoded into the right format and shown on your TV's programming guide as "mark cuban channels" - 001 Diet Coke and Mentos -002 Cat Flushing Toilet 003 - Softball game, etc. All you have to do is watch cable/telco/sat TV like you have always watched tv. Watching video anywhere in your house will be that easy."

Interesting. The man who made billions on the Internet is saving it once again. -Leslie Shapiro

Via Blog Maverick

Photo courtesy of James Duncan Davidson/O'Reilly Media, Inc