Marantz Endorses D-VHS Format

Now there are two companies in the D-VHS D-Theater camp.

With the introduction of its MV8300 digital VCR, Marantz has joined JVC in promoting digital videotape as the high-resolution format of choice for upscale consumers. The company's MV8300, which debuted at January's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), should arrive at dealers this month at a suggested retail price of $1599.

The MV800 features JVC's D-Theater decryption technology and is said to offer excellent playback of prerecorded D-VHS films, with Dolby Digital 5.1 output via an optical digital connector. Two-channel analog audio output on RCA connectors is also provided, as well as two pairs of analog A/V inputs with S-Video jacks. The machine can play back standard VHS and S-VHS tapes through a composite video or S-Video output.

Through its IEEE-1394 DTV connection, the MV800 can record high-definition and standard-definition digital broadcasts as uncompressed digital files, or as compressed files, to save tape. Recording from cable or satellite is made easier by the inclusion of the VCR+Plus system. Two other 1394 connectors provide digital video input for use with camcorders or other devices. When editing or compiling a new project, the machine's "frame synchronizer" feature is said to help produce the best possible picture quality from any source.