madVR Labs Announces Free Online Course for Industry Pros and Home Theater Enthusiasts

MadVR Labs today introduced Envy Academy Online, a free self-paced educational course for industry professionals and home theater enthusiasts who want to learn how to harness the power of the company’s award-winning madVR Envy video processor to achieve the best possible picture quality.

Building on the company’s Certified for Envy program, the course is available exclusively on the madVR Labs YouTube channel and is organized into a playlist of 47 video lessons covering everything from basic setup to advanced optimization techniques.

No registration is required and lessons advance automatically when you use the YouTube playlist. “This is important because lessons are designed to be watched sequentially, with each building on teachings from the prior lesson,” explained madVR Labs CEO and co-founder Richard Litofsky, who added that lessons will be regularly updated.

Lessons are designed to be easily digestible, with all but the most advanced modules running only 2 to 5 minutes long.

The Envy Academy Online course qualifies for Continuing Education Units, or CEUs, under CEDIA’s smart-home educational program. Litofsky said industry professionals will be able to register to take a free exam later in the month; those who pass will earn 3 CEUs and become a Certified for Envy - Product Specialist, Level 1. Although the course is open to the public, only industry professionals will be able to take the exam.

madVR Labs is also planning to offer in-person training classes later this year but a specific timeline was not announced.

To get the most out of the course, Litofsky recommends watching the videos in 4K/60, “ideally on a large screen rather than from a phone.” Click here to check out the course. Questions can be sent to

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The goal of the course is to teach people how to use MadVR's award-winning "Envy" video processor to achieve the best possible picture quality @fnaf

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