LG's Scarlet Letters

Steamy, glamorous ads, billboards, and web-based trailers have been teasing for weeks about a sultry new TV series called, Scarlet. Finally, the big secret behind the meaning of Scarlet has been revealed. Scarlet isn't a new series airing on television, Scarlet is a new series of televisions, brought to you by LG. With TV ads directed by the man behind Smallville and some episodes of The Sopranos, the Scarlet campaign is anything but ordinary. Who creates an ad campaign with no indication of what you're selling?  Apparently, LG did, and by all accounts, it did so quite successfully. After spending millions more for this campaign than would normally be spent for a product launch, the Scarlet TVs aren't really all that special. Full HD LCD sets. Not the thinnest, not the biggest, but after all this buzz, might be the most talked-about new TV to hit the market.  Seriously, when did a TV brand launch create buzz? Any buzz at all? LG won't be blushing anytime soon. They've successfully seduced quite a few consumers with a clever, sexy campaign.  -Leslie Shapiro