LG Taking Preorders for 4K OLED TV in Korea

LG announced yesterday that it will begin taking preorders this week in Korea for the first OLED TV with 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution.

Two curved-panel models with 65- and 77-inch screens are slated for delivery in the U.S. sometime this year. A specific time frame was not offered but LG’s U.S. arm said retail pricing will be announced in the coming weeks.

Featuring LG’s Four-Color Pixel WRGB technology with 33 million sub-pixels and an “Ultra Surround” audio system designed by Harman Kardon, the wall-mountable TVs are built around the webOS platform, which is said to simplify connection, switching, and content searches via an intuitive user interface.

A press release with a Seoul dateline quoted Hyun-hwoi Ha, president and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company, as saying OLED TVs are expected to overtake LCD in sales “within a few years.” Ha went on to say: “OLED’s benefits are obvious. There’s no deterioration in picture quality and issues such as image blurring, distortion and color leakage in curved LED units are simply non-existent on curved OLED TVs.”

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We finally get large OLEDs for a sane price and they are using curved panels. Bleh.

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It's great OLED looks like it coming into the mainstream. That's exciting.

What would the viewing distance be for a curved 65" to make it look flat? Would I have to compromise my audio seating position to sit that close? The speakers have to sit outside the width of the panel, so I'd think about 7.5 feet would be about right audio wise depending on the TV bezel size and the speaker size. The curved panels I've seen still look distorted at that distance. Curved for large computer displays that you sit 18" from make since, curved for a TV you sit 7" to 8" from doesn't make since in my experience so far.

Maybe by the time I need a new TV I'll be able to get an OLED Classic version that's flat.

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I just noticed I typed 7 to 8 inch seating distance. I meant 7 to 8 feet. Sorry.