LG Shows Nano Lighting TV

LG has introduced a new TV technology at the IFA trade show in Berlin. The LEX8 Nano Full LED TV is the first to use a variation of LED backlighting with a thin film panel.

The 3D/2D set is super thin, at just one-third of an inch, and has a half-inch bezel. LG says the full-array LED, a variation of local dimming, "disperses light more evenly and effectively across the screen, creating pictures that are clearer, enticingly smoother and more refined." TruMotion 400Hz technology reduces blur, the bane of all LCD sets. An anti-reflection panel minimizes room reflections from ambient light. The set will initially be sold in Germany and Korea. Its U.S. debut date was unknown at presstime, but we'll be keeping an eye peeled for it at the forthcoming CEDIA and CES events.

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