LG Launches Google Assistant on 2018 AI ThinQ TVs

LG today announced the integration of Google Assistant voice control into its 2018 AI ThinQ OLED and Super UHD TVs.

Google’s virtual assistant, which integrates with LG’s webOS-based AI (artificial intelligence) ThinQ platform, is accessed via the TV’s remote control using natural language commands. In addition to controlling such TV functions as adjusting volume, changing channels, or searching for a program, Google Assistant can be tapped to manage daily tasks, answer questions, and control smart home devices (it’s compatible with more than 5,000) when the viewer presses and holds the mic button on the TV’s remote control and speaks commands.

The AI ThinQ TVs can also respond to hundreds of voice commands through LG’s own smart platform, allowing viewers to connect an external device such as a gaming console or soundbar, switch picture modes, or set the TV to turn off at a specific time.

LG says searching for content is simple and convenient thanks to the artificial intelligence built into the TVs. Viewers can learn more about a film by speaking a character’s (or actor’s) name, search for a movie soundtrack by simply saying “search for the soundtrack of this movie,” or instruct the TV to turn off “when this program is over” without having to schedule a time.

Google Assistant also makes it easy to check the weather or sports scores and access images from Google Photo — all without disturbing the program on screen. LG said viewers will also be able to access third-party services such as food delivery and transportation in the near future.

LG’s 2018 AI TVs also work with existing Google Assistant devices such as Google Home and other smart speakers, allowing users to send voice commands from a separate device to the TV to adjust volume, change channels, search for programming, and control functions such as play/pause/fast forward, start/stop, and more.

For more information, visit lgusa.com/ai-thinq.