LEDs light Sharp's newest line of HDTVs

Sharp tel_LC46E77U_pic1Yesterday, Sharp announced its newest HDTV line, the Aquos LED series. As its name implies, the Aquos LED HDTVs use LED backlighting instead of conventional CCFL. Because LEDs lack the toxic chemicals of CCFL backlights, use far less energy, and last longer, they present a temptingly green alternative to "conventional" backlighting. LED backlighting has gained popularity over the last year, with Sony, Samsung, and Vizio announcing numerous LED-lit models. This will be Sharp's first broad release of LED HDTVs.

According to Sharp, each new Aquos LED model far exceeds Energy Star 3.0 standards, and consumes much less power than similarly-priced Sharp LCD screens from last year. The company also estimates that the new models will last much longer, expecting 100,000 hours for every screen.

The Aquos LED series will includes four new models, all shipping later this month. They include 32-inch, 40-inch, 46-inch, and 52-inch versions, ranging in price from $1,100 to $2,800. Every model except the 32-inch will feature Sharp's Aquos Net service for streaming web-based content to the screen.

Sharp also announced two new extra-large HDTV models, with conventional CCFL backlighting. Sharp's E77 series will receive 60- and 65-inch additions, re-setting the bar for Sharp's consumer-oriented big screens. The 60-inch HDTV will retail for $3,500 and the 65-inch model will retail for $4,500 when they ship in Septembenr.

Will Greenwald