KEF KC62 Subwoofer Review Specs

6.5 in cone woofers (sharing common motor structure) in sealed enclosure
Amplifier: 2 x 500-watt class-D (1 per voice-coil)
Connections: stereo/mono line-level RCA input, stereo speaker-level input (via Phoenix connector), stereo line-level RCA output
Dimensions (WxHxD, inches): 10.9 x 10.3 x 11
Weight (pounds): 30.8
Price: $1,499

Company Info
(732) 683-2356
(732) 683-2356

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The only part I miss slightly from not having a 5.1 system anymore is the sub for some movies. The compact size of this makes it tempting, the cost makes it not.

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Great engineering achievement but to what end? This thing is basically an 11" cube. Going just slightly larger (14-15" cubed) gets you a real quality 12" sub like the Rythmik L12 for only $600.

I fail to see the point of needing to get such a small sub and dealing with the significant cost and output compromises.

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I've a Definitive Technology Super Cube 1, which goes to 16HZ in my 1st 5.1 HT. The wife required me to go on a quest for an acceptably invsible HT system for our new home & new primary HT system. The KC62 can do what the Super Cube 1 can do & do it more accurately! Try playing a recording of a space shuttle launch, as realistically as your hearing can stand and you won't be disappointed. This is an engineering accomplishment for size & output.

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As an aside, the KEF spec sheet has this going down to 11HZ.

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Small enough to stay out of the way in a workstation system ... hmmm. Might be a good addition to my Altec speakers, that give up around 45-50 hz.

As for other things mentioned:
Here's a story about a 18000 yr old conch shell found in a cave, played:
And there are pipe organs that have extremely low bass. Probably the deepest is the Sydney Town Hall with a true 64' stop (one of only a few in the world). Somehow, I doubt that the mp3's on the web site capture the full range. Could the KEF produce usable output of the bottom octave (8-16 Hz)?