JVC DLA-RS4500 D-ILA Laser Projector Review Test Bench

Test Bench

Full-On/Full-Off Contrast Ratio: 150,000:1

Measurements were taken in a variety of conditions as described with the bulk taken in the Natural preset with the laser set to Mid brightness.

The gamma correction preset was selected as Custom 1 (2.3). All of the calibration was done with the lens aperture in –10 and the dynamic laser disabled. The contrast ratio measurements were done in a variety of different modes for the aperture as noted. All viewing and measurements were done on a 120-inch-diagonal Stewart StudioTek 100 screen (1.0 gain).



The full-on/full-off contrast was measured with a Minolta T-10 meter from 4 inches away from the lens face. I tested the projector in various laser levels with the lens aperture in various conditions. The highest native contrast ratio (dynamic laser disabled) was obtained with the projector in High laser mode with the aperture fully closed (–15). This produced a contrast ratio of around 8,000:1. Using the dynamic laser in Mode 2 (aperture fully open) resulted in a peak contrast ratio of approximately 47,000:1 in High laser mode. For my viewing I used the projector in Mid laser mode with the aperture set to –10. At the approximate mid-zoom lens position, this produced a native contrast ratio of about 15,000:1 and 16 ft-L on my screen. When I enabled Mode 2 for dynamic laser dimming it took the contrast ratio up to 78,000:1. Max peak contrast was 150,000:1, measured in High laser mode, the dynamic laser dimming engaged, and the aperture fully closed. The user setup plays a huge role in what type of contrast performance you can expect to see.

The RGB tables were captured from a calibration workflow in SpectraCal’s CalMAN software. RGB and grayscale tracking out the box wasn’t quite as good as on previous JVC models, with a peak Delta E of 6.42 (anything under 3 is considered reference and imperceptible to the human eye). Only minor tweaks to the grayscale and gamma controls resulted in a peak of 2.97 delta E. Gamma averaged 2.24 with the projector set to 2.3 and BT.1886 as my target gamma in CalMAN.


The color gamut in the BT.709 profile was nearly spot on with no value exceeding a Delta E of 3. No adjustments were needed in the color management system after grayscale was dialed in and all colors were below a delta E of 2. Luminance and Saturation values throughout the inner gamut were also very accurate.—KRD

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Now you went and did it. I don't play Lotto, but I'm tempted to start playing since I will be foolishly dreaming on getting my hands on this amazing 4k projector.
I collect both UHD 4k Blu-rays and 3D Blu-rays (as well as standard bluray) movies.
I am the guy obsessed with viewing the same film over and over, in order to catch every nuance of visual and audio detail in a scene.
In reality my only hope is that the technology on the RS4500 trickles down to more affordable 4k model line up.
Let's hope that within two years JVC provides us with most the goods found in this state of the art Projector for a real world affordable $4-5,000 version.