JVC DLA-NX9 D-ILA Projector Review Specs

DIMENSIONS: (WxHxD, Inches): 19.75 x 9.25 x 20.5
WEIGHT: (Pounds): 47.96
VIDEO INPUTS: HDMI 2.0b (2) OTHER: Trigger, remote
(RS-232C/Control), LAN (RJ45/Control), USB (for service updates), 3D Sync
Price: $18,000

Company Info
(800) 582-5825
(800) 582-5825

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I'm not doubting you but Panamorph's website says "Panamorph’s patented new Paladin DCR lens system works with the anamorphic upconversion modes now incorporated into all new Sony and JVC 4K/4096 projectors" but you state "One caveat is that the JVC does not have a proper 16x9 anamorphic mode for use with the Paladin DCR lens." Can you please explain further? Thank you

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Hi Jay! The DCR lens does indeed work with the JVC, so Panamorph's website is indeed correct. When you have a fixed lens in place for a scope screen it works perfectly for "scope" content. But if you want to watch 16x9 or 1.78:1 content, there needs to be a scaling mode that proper converts the now stretched image to display it properly inside the 2.35:1 framing. The JVC does not offer that when using the DCR version of the Paladin lens. It does offer this for the non-DCR version though. The only way I know of to get proper 16x9 framing inside the frame would be to use an outboard video processor like the Lumagen Radiance Pro. Hope this helps!
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Was the post calibration 16 ftL achieved using a high or low lamp output?

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Hello! I was able to achieve a 16 fL white point in either mode on my screen. For the review I just left the projector in high lamp so I could use the aperture more aggressively to increase native contrast overall. Obviously the total light output you'll see in a system will depend on a variety of factors including throw distance, screen size, shape and gain.
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Thanks for the explanation Kris! That makes sense now.