Jurassic World

If Disneyland once got sued because (it was alleged) Winnie the Pooh had accidentally slapped a young guest while posing for photos, it boggles the mind to contemplate all the lawsuits Jurassic World would have incurred after the devastation depicted in this film.

In the 22 years and three films since Jurassic Park re-introduced living dinosaurs to the world, there has been rampant chaos, carnage, and death at every turn. Still, it seems the harsh lessons of playing God and tampering with Mother Nature have gone completely unheeded yet again. Lo and behold, another attempt at a state-of-the-art theme-park zoo of cloned dinosaurs has made its debut for the paying public: Jurassic World is now open for business, and the park is packed with 22,000 eager tourists. But this time, all the bugs are worked out, and the past mistakes have been corrected. What could possibly go wrong?

The 3D version of Jurassic World was my preferred viewing choice out of the gate, but there’s still room for improvement. There’s excellent depth of field and clarity, with sharp delineation between background and foreground elements, but some rapid camera movements give rise to intermittent motion blur and minimal ghosting effects. Nitpicking aside, this is still an impressive 3D transfer.

The 2D version is superlative on all fronts as well; the image is clear and vibrant in both interiors and exteriors with only the minutest compression issues. Fleshtones and jungle foliage are consistently even, and the live-action imagery seamlessly blends with the ever-present CGI effects. The 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track boasts a truly immersive auditory experience. Predictably, when the dinos are perpetuating their unbridled carnage and terror, the audio is at its most exhilarating, but subtler moments of background ambience also entice the senses.

Extras include deleted scenes, a one-on-one Q&A with Chris Pratt and director Colin Trevorrow, and five in-depth featurettes that detail the intricacies of making the film. DVD and Digital Copy are included.

If you’ve been to Universal Studios or Sea World, Jurassic World will seem innately familiar. Something of a hybrid, the movie borrows elements from its previous incarnations to create a slicker, more advanced version of itself and succeeds on multiple levels.It’s a tour de force of home entertainment, and you won’t be disappointed.

Blu-Ray 3D
Studio: Universal, 2015
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Audio Format: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1
Length: 124 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Colin Trevorrow
Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio

John Sully's picture

Lots of dinousaurs eating lots of people and great sound! What's not to like?

Jonasandezekiel's picture

Don't you guys think it's about time to retire the silly, sophomoric sounding term "3D-Ness"? Granted, 3-d is thankfully dying out, but it's a bit beneath the target demographic for this magazine, don't you think?

mikem's picture

I was absolutely underwhelmed with this movie because of the cast, script, and blatant product placement. To me it was 2+ hour advertisement. That said, the picture and sound were superb. However, dialog placement was difficult at times forcing me to use 'enhanced dialog' setting. And no I'm not hard of hearing or have crappy speakers poorly calibrated. I have an Atlantic Technology speaker 7.2 system (2 12" subs) properly calibrated via my Pioneer Elite receiver.

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Has anyone had any problems with playback on the latest Universal movies like this one or (Everest and Selfless)I have a Pioneer BDP-09 player and have the following issue: Loads just fine ! I then get the menus, select audio settings then resume movie. All 3 movies will not resume and move on to featured presentation. It acts like it's going to move on but keeps playing introduction over and over ?. I have the latest firmware, all setting are correct and not connected to the internet. Any ideas ?. My guess is that Pioneer needs a fix. Thanks !