July 2016 New Gear

Dashbon Flicks Boombox Projector
Many of today’s Bluetooth speakers have put a new face on the classic boombox, but Flicks pushes the concept to its logical conclusion: a portable movie theater! Measuring 11.7 x 5.3 x 6.5 inches, this boombox packs an LED-based, 720p DLP projector that can display a 100-inch image from just over 8 feet away, plus the requisite speakers—in this case, two full-range drivers plus a “subwoofer” and bass radiator.
Unplugged: Flicks is offered in two versions, both equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and HDMI input. (Roku, anyone?) The 280WH ($699) is rated for 8 hours of movie time or 56 hours of Bluetooth music streaming. Want to save a hundred bucks? Go with the 140WH—it’s a little lighter (6.1 versus 7.7 pounds), but you’ll have to cut those play times in half.
Dashbon • info@dashbon.com • dashbon.com

Visual Apex Portable Projector Table Stand
Summer is a time to enjoy the great outdoors, and VA’s projector table is a must-have accessory if you’re a devotee of backyard movie parties. Weighing in at just under 9 pounds, the stand has a 15 x 17.5-inch platform that supports up to 44 pounds and four telescoping legs that can be locked in at any point between 18.5 and 44 inches.
Flexible, Foldable: You can set up the stand with or without its accessory shelf and, after the final credits roll, fold it up and stow it away in the included canvas carry bag that has enough room for a projector. Of course, you can use the stand for business meetings and impromptu indoor theater setups, but that wouldn’t be as much fun, now would it? Price: $99
VisualApex • (800) 883-7495 • visualapex.com

GoldenEar SuperSub X Subwoofer
Ah, isn’t that sweet? GoldenEar’s SuperSub XXL has a little brother—a mean little brother. Like its older sibling, X is built around the company’s patent-pending dual-plane topology that mates two outward-facing drivers (8-inchers, in this case) with subbass radiators that fire from the top and bottom of a heavily braced Medite cabinet. As GoldenEar puts it, “This force-cancelling inertial balancing preserves and focuses all the energy produced by the transducers in order to effectively move the air in the room.”
Size (Doesn’t) Matter: The SuperSub X may not be much bigger than a 12-inch cube, but its unique driver layout combined with 1,500 watts of power (delivered from the same amp developed for GoldenEar’s flagship Triton One) and sophisticated digital processing are said to produce floor-shaking output down to 12 hertz. Price: $1,249
GoldenEar • (410) 998-9134 • goldenear.com

Origin Acoustics AS41 AcoustaScape Outdoor Speaker System
Tired of moving audio gear out to the deck or patio for those summer soirées? Nestle Origin’s all-weather AS41 speakers among the plants and shrubs in your landscaping, run wires to the Zone 2 outputs of your A/V receiver, and outdoor music is forever at your command.
Creative Gardening: Setup involves using supplied plastic spikes to “plant” four wide-dispersion satellite speakers around your designated listening area and literally bury- ing an in-ground subwoofer that radiates bass from an inconspicuous “mushroom cap” that protrudes from the ground. The system is impedance-matched and rated to handle up to 200 watts. Want to expand your audio oasis to 2,500 square feet? Add a couple AS4SAT Expansion Packs, each of which includes an additional pair of satellites ($400 per pack). New Age never sounded so good. Price: $1,700
Origin Acoustics • (844) 674-4461 • acoustascape.com

Philips BDP7501 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player
Forget streaming. The buffer-free, pristine picture possibilities of 4K Ultra HD (UHD) Blu-ray are here at last, and the BDP7501 is one of a handful of players ready to wow you with lifelike images—provided the player is hitched to a UHD TV that supports high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut. (You do have one, don’t you?) With said TV attached, you’ll experience better-than-HD resolution, an expanded color palette (thanks to wide gamut up to BT. 2020 and 10-bit color depth), and both blacker blacks and brighter whites (courtesy of HDR10).
Spec’d to Impress: Don’t let the BDP7501’s form factor fool you. The diminutive box is rich with features, including Wi-Fi connectivity, Netflix and YouTube apps, 4K upscaling, and two HDMI outputs: one 2.0a with HDCP 2.2 and one 1.4b (for non-HDMI 2.0a-compliant A/V receivers). Price: $350
Philips • (866) 310-0744 • usa.philips.com